Our Yarns

Merino Extra fine

Extra Fine Merino wool is the fiber obtained from the eponymous Australian and New Zealand sheep.

Made with fibers of fineness less than 19.5 microns, it has characteristics that determine an exceptional elasticity of the yarn, extremely bright and solid colors and above all an incomparable softness of the finished garment.

Only the parts of the fleece with the best characteristics in terms of fineness, medium height, style and minimal presence of black, colored hair and vegetable fibers are selected from the sheep shearing.

The garments made with Extra Fine Merino wool are precious, unique and long-lasting.

They are immediately recognizable to the touch: by letting the fingers slide gently over the surface of a mesh, its particular softness is immediately perceived.

Lana & Seta

Wool and silk blend to give the elasticity and softness of wool the shine and silky hand of two versatile fibers.

Due to its resistance characteristics it is a yarn suitable especially for light processing, while guaranteeing protection and heat in winter.

Cashmere and Seta quality is of absolute quality, rediscovering the true meaning of knitted garment luxury.


The fibers we use are of the highest quality and are worked with the skill of expert craftsmen to create the best cashmere yarns in the world.

Strict quality control is carried out to check for impurities, color, thickness and length.

It is the control of these factors that determines the softness and quality of the finished product, for a fiber with extraordinary fineness and unique softness, with rare tactile pleasure and thermoregulator.

Cashmere & Seta

A precious thread born from the union of two of the noblest fibers such as silk and cashmere.

This refined mix gives the shirt a satin look and an extremely sweet hand.

Due to its resistance characteristics it is a yarn suitable especially for light processing, while guaranteeing protection and heat in winter.

Choosing Cashmere and Silk means making a choice of absolute quality rediscovering the true meaning of luxury in the knitted garment and a rare tactile pleasure.


it belongs to the category of "precious" as it is made of pure spun silk, woven and finished entirely in Italy, therefore a 100% MADE IN ITALY.

The main features are elegance and luxury that expresses from all points of view and in whatever way is used.

The sagging and slippery hand, very pleasant to the touch, shows a careful and very particular finish. The color range that satisfies all tastes is very wide and extremely refined.


After a careful selection of the best wools, the yarn with the thinnest micronage is selected so that it can guarantee softness and strength. The fleece of the sheep is wavy, this particular feature allows you to make fluffy, soft and warm garments.


The Alpaca is a noble yarn with a marked resistance, shine and finesse.

Genetics and nutrition from pure pastures contribute to improving the characteristics of the yarn, and for this reason Andrea Fenzi supplies itself exclusively from certified breeding farms in Peru and Chile.


The best cotton comes from the long thin fiber obtained from mature flakes harvested exclusively by hand.

The yarn is subjected to constant checks of regularity and resistance, uniformity of color and uniformity to washing and rubbing, intense and brilliant colors are guaranteed, pure and resistant to the formation of peelings.

The soft hand and the breathable performance make the yarn natural and extremely versatile.


Linen is a vegetable fiber extracted from the plant of the same name, thin and with white or blue flowers, through the maceration of the stem in water. The best and most prized linen comes from Western Europe, in particular the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and is characterized by the "Masters of linen" quality mark.

As a natural fiber, it has hypoallergenic characteristics, and is also suitable for the most sensitive skin. It is very resistant, especially when wet, it can also be washed repeatedly without altering it, indeed the washes make it softer; Linen does not deform with use due to its low elasticity.

Its high moisture absorption capacity and its thermal conductivity ensure high comfort, especially in the summer season. In fact, to the touch linen gives a sense of freshness.